Cold War Resources

Soviet Tanks Face U.S. Tanks at Checkpoint Charlie
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Operation Odyssey Dawn

USS Barry Fires Tomahawk Missile
To learn more about the events unfolding in Libya, try the following resources:


Earthquake in Japan

Today's massive 8.9 earthquake was the most powerful to hit Japan in recorded history.  The event triggered numerous aftershocks and tsunami warnings for the at least 50 countries throughout the Pacific Basin.  Waves of seven to eight feet were reported in Hawaii, Alaska, and California.  And while casualty and damage reports are still coming in, one thing is for sure - this will go down as one of the biggest earthquakes in history.

Below is a quick list of resources I have compiled on both earthquakes and tsunamis in general, and the Japanese earthquake in particular.  I will, of course, continue to add as more information is made available.

For more information on the earthquake in Japan, try the following resources:

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